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Sapphyre Nicotine Additive

Model: 2bf0ex28
How it works: First, choose your favorite e-liquid in 0mg. It is best to use an e-liquid where the PG is 70% or less. This will ensure the best results in any non sub ohm/pod style device. It is not recommended to use any nic salt e-liquid in sub ohm devices. Next, remove the Sapphyre nic salt cap a..
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Model: ckeg5aqf
Sapphyre Nicotine Packs are a simple and easy to use concentrated nicotine solution that can be added to any 0mg eliquid. Available in 10% and 20% 0.9ml concentrations & 1.8ml 20% concentration to make it easy to add nicotine to any size bottle. Contents: 1 x 1ml Nic Pack..
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Model: 4gzw7c9t
Sapphyre Nic 1.8ml 40% Nicotine Additive The Sapphyre Nicotine Additive allows you to adjust the nicotine content of your vape juices. To use, simply pour the contents into a bottle of 0MG E-Liquid and shake well. Comes with ONE Nicotine Additive pouch per pack. Quick Links:Shop All KitsShop All Tan..
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