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Lowest Cheap Prices on all Suorin pod mods products. If you're looking for a compact device, try the Suorin Air. EightVape also carries the newest devices, like the Suorin Vagon. Why buy a Juul when you could be soaring with Suorin! Shop our unbeatable prices on all Suorin pods.
Model: 1yl4uf76
The Suorin Elite Empty Pod Cartridge is specially designed for Suorin Elite Kit. It holds 3.1ml of e-liquid and compatible with the 0.4ohm mesh coil and 1.0ohm wire coil for different vaping experience. Each pack includes 2 pod cartridges. Specifications:Brand: SuorinProduct Name: Elite Empty Pod Ca..
Ex Tax:$3.32
Model: bzwfmq3l
The Suorin Elite Kit integrates a 1100mAh battery with a 3.1ml large pod cartridge along with two types of coils to bring you the different vaping experience. Made of durable zinc alloy with resin bands, the Suorin Elite is rugged and feels comfortable in hands. The 1100mAh mod provides a long-lasti..
Ex Tax:$44.95
Model: skpv91g5
Suorin Elite Replacement Coils (Pack of 3)The Suorin Elite Coil comes with 1.0ohm and 0.4ohm resistance, designed for Suorin Elite Kit and Suorin Elite Pod.Each pack comes with 3pcs of Suorin Elite Coils. Package Contents:3 x Suorin Elite Coil..
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Model: caxguow4
Suorin Reno Pod Device KitThis compact pod device features a convenient and portable body design, and it is compatible with mesh coil cartridges. The Sourin Reno Pod Device is a modern vaping device that features mesh coil compatibility, and compact and portable body design, and a child-proof safety..
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Model: jm7m8dpv
Suorin Reno Replacement Coils (Pack of 5)These original Suorin coils are compatible with the Reno Pod Device. These coils feature a 1.0ohm coil resistance.Each package includes 5 coils.Quick Links:Suorin Reno Pod DeviceSuorin Reno Replacement Cartridges..
Ex Tax:$19.99
Model: 7mwglquf
Suorin Reno Replacement Pod Cartridges (Pack of 2)These original Suorin replacement cartridges are compatible with the Reno Pod Device.These cartridges feature a 3mL maximum e-juice capacity, and they are compatible with the Reno Replacement Coils.Each package includes 2 cartridges.Quick Links:Suori..
Ex Tax:$14.99
Model: vgywycbx
Suorin Shine Pod Device KitThe Suorin Shine Pod Device features a full wattage power option for a stronger hit, and a constant wattage power option for a milder hit. All this in a sleek and convenient pod device chassis. The Suorin Shine is a compact pod system that features dual power options for v..
Ex Tax:$29.99
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