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Model: qplh2sc1
Bad Drip God Nectar 30ml Salt NicGod Nectar: A fruity combination of orange, mango, and guava topped off with passion fruit.See our other Bad Drip E-Liquids here.Flavor Profile: Passion Fruit, Orange, Mango, GuavaNicotine Level: 45MG, 25MGBottle Size: 30ML Quick Links:Shop All BatteriesShop All Acce..
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Model: e41ue0cm
Bad Drip Salts Bad Apple 30ml Nic Salt Vape JuiceApple: If you like apples ... well, if you LOVE apples ... actually, if you CAN'T LIVE without apples, then this is the e-juice for you. And not only does it provide tons of the slightly tart, slightly sweet flavor of your favorite fruit, but its deli..
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Model: ixzl2f10
Bad Drip Salt Bad Blood 30 ml Vape JuiceBad Blood: Developed by the great minds at Bad Drip Labs. Blueberry, pomegranate, and vanilla swirled and blended to create a sweet and enchanting flavor. Real fruit extracts with quality vanilla make for a tasty experience unlike any other. Deep flavors coale..
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Model: xzratf6w
Bad Drip Salts Cereal Trip 30ml Salt Nic Vape JuiceCereal Trip:A delectable marriage between the two delicious breakfasts classics. Warm and fluffy glazed donuts topped with sugary fruity cereal, finished off with the savory and creamy taste of cold milk. Cereal Trip will take you on a sweet favor t..
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Model: ecis9v1u
Bad Drip Salts Don't Care Bear 30ml Salt Nic Vape JuiceDon't Care Bear: Gooey gummy bears soaked through with a juicy concoction of pear and peach. A fruity mix of naturally sweet peach and pear fruits with a base of candy gummy bear treats. Perfect for fruit- and candy-lovers, alike. Don't Care Bea..
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Model: ey4zjde9
Bad Drip Salts Farley's Gnarly Sauce 30ml Salt Nic Vape JuiceFarley's Gnarly Sauce: A unique mix of kiwi-coated candies, bubblegum, and fresh highland strawberries. A sweet and fruity blend with layered complexities that provides an original and supremely delicious E-Liquid experience. Farley's Gnar..
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Model: q92q6fso
Bad Drip Ugly Butter Salts 30ml Vape JuiceUgly Butter: Fried dough smothered in real banana pudding, topped with hints of cinnamon sugar. A delectably delicious E-liquid flavor guaranteed to amaze. Smooth and thick. Rich and pure. Ugly Butter by Bad Drip Salts. Flavor Profile: Fried Dough, Banana Pu..
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Model: 7gnmq8fj
Ugly Butter E-Liquid: TOP SELLER. The heavenly, rich, new tasty treat concocted by Bad Drip Labs. A mixture of fried doughy dough, pleasant cinnamon sugar, and delicious banana nut pudding. This E-Liquid vaping juice is blended to imitate a gourmet banana nut pudding crafted with real bananas and to..
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Model: 1jueuynd
Bam's Birthday Cannoli 100ml Vape JuiceBirthday Cannoli: Everybody's favorite Italian dessert with a hint of savory birthday cake crust. The sweet taste of golden Cannoli mixed with rich cream and notes of fluffy white birthday cake. A combination of indulgent Italian Cannoli for a perfect dessert-f..
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Model: trshnc1h
Bam's Captain Cannoli 100ml Vape JuiceCaptain Cannoli: The taste of a crunchy cereal cannoli wrapped around creamy vanilla goodness. Freshly baked Cannoli with a smooth, creamy filling complemented by everyone's favorite crunchy captain cereal. So if you're looking for a perfect dessert and cereal E..
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Model: d4rsr2j6
Bam's Original Cannoli 100ml Vape JuiceOriginal Cannoli: The freshly baked taste of flaky Italian dessert Cannoli. The sweet taste of golden Cannoli mixed with rich ricotta cream and notes of tart strawberries. The taste of indulgent Italian Cannoli flavor makes Original Cannoli from Bam's a perfect..
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Model: oqf0ldag
Bam's Strawberry Cannoli 100ml Vape JuiceStrawberry Cannoli: The freshly baked taste of Italian dessert Cannoli with a hint of sweet strawberry. The sweet taste of golden Cannoli mixed with rich cream and notes of tart strawberries. A combination of indulgently sweet Italian Cannoli flavors makes fo..
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